Rakvere Funkfest III

20th of July 2024


What is Rakvere Funkfest?


The first Rakvere Funkfest was held in the summer of 2021.
Organizing the event proved tough due to the uncertainty and the possibility of the event being pulled due to COVID restrictions. Despite the challenges, we opted to take the risk and successfully conducted our first festival, by diligently following the government rules.


We are commonly known as distinguishing ourselves from other music festivals in Estonia by condensing our vibrant program into a single day. Our meticulously planned schedule ensures that visitors won't miss a thing. While in the positive vibes of Vallimäe, we also encourage you to explore the charming city of Rakvere and its surroundings over the weekend

Foto: Kaupo Kalda


The first festival was kicked off with a captivating performance by Reti Niimann and her newly formed band, gracing the amphitheater-style circular stage. It was followed by Gram-Of-Fun and Kenors. As a unique highlight, the music of the Genialists was resurrected on the main stage, skillfully delivered by Robert Linna, Robin Juhkental, and Karl Vilhelm Valter. Adding to the experience, the talented Marta Lotta Kukk, recognized from the superstar show, and Maria Kallastu, acclaimed for her recent debut album, provided support as background singers.


After the captivating performance by Arg Part on the circular stage, the headlining act Lexsoul Dancemachine took the spotlight, initiating the set with their lively hit "Coconuts." The crowd joined in a procession to the main stage, where Lexsoul continued the song, starting this unforgettable concert experience.


The first-ever Rakvere Funkfest was received with overwhelming positivity, both by our attendees and ourselves, leading us to understand that Funkfest must continue. So, we began preparations early for the summer of 2022.

This time, our headliner was the first international artist at Funkfest – Dadi Freyr from Iceland. This was significant as his rise to fame, stemming from Eurovision, had kept him in the spotlight for two years already. His joyfully funky music fit seamlessly between the slopes of Vallimäe.


We built the lineup around him, which included Rahel, Siim Aimla Funk Band featuring Sofia Rubina, Alika Milova with her funk selection, and the already established favorite, Arg Part.


As a special project, we paid tribute to the video game GTA, whose radio stations have introduced the world's best funk music to Estonian audiences across generations. This time, the soloists were Marten Kuningas and Karl Vilhelm Valter. Once again, Maria Kallastu and Marta Lotta Kukk contributed as backing vocalists, their invaluable contributions to special projects being recognized and appreciated.


Although we received even broader confirmation of the need for Rakvere Funkfest, the festival did not take place in the summer of 2023. This created a pause year to make an even bigger leap forward for the approaching third Funkfest in 2024.

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